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Governance Structure

The work of IOCI Stage 3 is overseen by a Board consisting of:

  1. An independent Chairperson;
  2. Two representatives appointed by the State Government;
  3. One representative appointed by the Bureau of Meteorology; and
  4. One representative appointed by the CSIRO.

The IOCI Board monitors the progress of the research and makes recommendations on management issues and opportunities for further collaboration.

The Hon Hendy Cowan has been appointed as the Chairperson of the IOCI3 Board. The two State Government representatives are the Director General, Department of Water and the Department of Environment and Conservation’s Assistant Director, Climate Change and Strategic Policy. Dr Andrew Ash and Dr Neville Smith are the CSIRO and Bureau of Meteorology representatives respectively.

Management and day-to-day coordination of the IOCI Stage 3 work program is carried out by Project Managers representing each partner organisation. The Project Managers are:

  1. I-Lyn Loo (WA State Government) This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
  2. Dr Bryson Bates (CSIRO)
  3. Dr Carsten Frederiksen (Bureau of Meteorology)
  4. Dr Pandora Hope (Bureau of Meteorology)

Links with key stakeholders

The core climate science programme will hold two workshops during the lifetime of IOCI Stage 3 at dates agreeable to the State and the research providers. These workshops will involve the complete IOCI research team, State agencies and other invited stakeholders.

The workshops will consist of an overview presentation; individual presentations by IOCI scientists, with each presentation followed by a question and answer session; and a closed meeting of State representatives and key BoM and CSIRO staff to discuss progress against milestones, revision of the research plan, and other matters of concern.

Two workshops were held in October 2008 and October 2009. The 2008 Workshop was a one day event where scientists presented updates on their respective projects.

In 2009, a two day workshop was held. Day 1 consisted of updates from scientists. On the second day, proceedings were focused on stakeholder needs. Officers from several government departments presented on their climate science needs and discussions were held in the afternoon. The future of IOCI was also briefly discussed. (See the 2009 Workshop Report [PDF 1.4 MB]).

A symposium was held in October 2010 to update government stakeholders on the progress of IOCI3. (See the Report of the 2010 Symposium [PDF 5 MB]).

Regular presentations are also made to government stakeholders.

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